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In addition to the regular activities and support we give our women and their families, Al-Hasaniya also holds regular events to promote our work, our cultural heritage and to empower our women and ensure their voices are heard.

Dialogue of friendship

The Language of Friendship and Love – House of Lords, London

Mimouna – A Celebration of Moroccan Judaism

London, the Moroccan Jewish community of Great Britain celebrates the Mimouna

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    French Student Visit- February 2017

    In February 2017, we welcomed a French Student Group visiting us from Argenteuille, France. The group were from an organisation called TMF (Travailleurs Maghrebin de France) which stands for The Maghreb Workers of France and they have 15 branches around France.

    The group consisted of 8 young students aged between 13-15 years old and 3 staff members.

    During the visit, Al Hasaniya staff learnt more about the activities TMF offer as an organisation and that included activities for their youth, for the elderly and their trips.

    Our staff also provided the visitors with a summary of the history of Al Hasaniya, the projects run and the work we do.

    Al Hasaniya staff also allowed an open space for conversation and discussion with the visitors and they expressed their surprise at how multicultural and diverse London was. In particular, the students were surprised at seeing women wearing headscarves and policemen with beards. They compared it to France and particularly to Paris and felt that this was a rarity. The issue of multi-culturism and respect were discussed as well as London’s diversity.