There are many organisations in the United Kingdom that aim to support nationals from their native countries. If you are in need of specific advice relating to your rights or laws in your native country, please contact the most relavbent agency from below:

Morocco: The Consulate General of the Kingdom of Morocco; London

Conseil De La Communaute Marocaine A L’Etranger (CCME)

The Conseil De La Communaute Marocaine A L’Etranger (CCME) serves to support Moroccans living in the diaspora by providing assistance in a range of issues. They also hold occasional cultural events in the community.

For more information, visit their website on

Algeria:People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria- Algerian Consulate; London

Egypt:The Consulate General of the Arab Republic of Egypt in the UK

Iraq:Iraqi Embassy to United Kingdom ; London

Lebanon: Lebanese Republic; Embassy of Lebanon in the United Kingdom