Throughout the last 32 years, Al Hasaniya’s work and contributions have been recognized in many forms. Below are some links to websites in English, French and Arabic that have documented the work of Al Hasaniya and its staff.

London, the Moroccan Jewish community of Great Britain celebrates the Mimouna

Grenfell fire: ‘The community is close knit – they need to stay here to recover’

NGO Branch- United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs

Al Hasaniya Moroccan Women’s Project Ltd – Charity awards 2010

Winners announced for the Westminster Community Awards- Inspirational Award

Muslim News Awards for Excellence

Kensington and Chelsea’s Community Notice Board- Feature: Al-Hasaniya celebrate their 30th year

Dardasha – (chi’t-chat)

London Mayor Boris Johnson visiting Al-Hasaniya Moroccan Women’s Project

Boris Johnson visits women’s centre in Notting Hill

Victoria visiting the fantastic Al-Hasaniya Moroccan Women’s centre in North Kensington

Mayor invites all Londoners to Eid Festival in Trafalgar Square

Community Dialogues: Tea Stories with Al Hasaniya Moroccan Women’s Centre

Morocco Welcomes Volunteer Police Cadets from Kensington Chelsea

Omar’s experience migrating to the UK, as well as his current work at Al-Hasaniya Moroccan Women’s Centre

A day in my Life- Al-Hasaniya women’s centre

Kensington and Chelsea Social Council- Spotlight on Souad Talsi, Al-Hasaniya Women’s Centre

Souad Talsi MBE; Founder, Al Hasaniya

Order of the British Empire – Moroccan Woman Awarded MBE Honour

The Muslim Council of Britain Congratulates British Muslims Named in Queen’s Honours List

We are here; Interviews & Transcripts

One Law for All; Open letter to the Home Secretary: The law and not religion is basis of justice for citizens

United Nations; Continuing Session, Non-governmental Organizations Committee Recommends Consultative Status for 100 Entities, Defers Action on 54

Mapping Memory Routes of Moroccan Communities

Young Reporter: Prevent, ISIS, Iraq and Syria – A Workshop at Al Hasaniya


Why Africans in the UK pay so much to send relatives’ bodies home

Zellij in London & Al Hasaniya Women’s Centre

Scared their boys will go to Syria, scared to go to the police

Golborne Life- Moroccan Garden

A Peace of London – Quiet Places in London to Explore- Meanwhile Gardens, west London

Europe A La Carte – Meanwhile Gardens in Westbourne Park, London

Saïf, 3 ans, kidnappé à Marrakech, rapatrié de Londres

Le Prince Charles de Galles décore Souad Talsi

Souad Talsi – Conseillère juridique (GB)

La Marocaine Souad Talsi, nommée membre de l’Ordre de l’empire britannique

Souad Talsi : «Les Marocains dAngleterre sont parfaitement intégrés mais ne sont pas assimilés » (French)

Laila Chiadmi : Trophée honorifique du ministère chargé des Marocains résidant à l’étranger

Londres : Une association marocaine honorée au parlement britannique

الجمعية الحسنية (مركز النساء المغربيات) في بريطانيا

المغربيات في بريطانيا:

لندن- الإحتفاء بجمعية مغربية في حفل نظم بالبرلمان البريطاني

الاحتفاء في لندن بالجيل الأول للنساء المغربيات المهاجرات ببريطانيا

فلم دردشة حول هجرة المغربيات إلى لندن

الغارديان البريطانية تبرز مجهودات مركز الحسنية لدعم أسر ضحايا برج غرينفل

The Language of Friendship and Love – House of Lords, London