Solicitor’s Drop In

Fridays 10am – 12.00pm – Pre-booking is essential

Austerity measures have seen the legal aid budget shrink to almost non-existence and with this our women are often faced with legal battles without adequate representation. Whether it is an immigration matter, divorce or housing, the challenge is the same when the resources are not available. We have therefore teamed up with law firm for bone fide case work to support our women and ensure justice does prevail.

Legal advice services are available at our centre, on a fortnightly basis with two prestigious Law firms. For more information and to book an initial free appointment please call the office on 020 8969 2292.

Toltops Solicitors: Fortnightly on Friday mornings 10.00-12.00pm

Toltops Solicitors is a dynamic Law Practice with offices in London established in 2012, the firm has quickly developed a fine reputation as a firm that achieves its clients’ objectives. Toltops are contracted with the Legal Aid Agency in the areas of Housing Law, Debt Law, Child and Family Law but separately, Toltops also provide competitively priced legal services in most areas of Legal Practice.

For more information:

Please note: All initial Consultations with the above Legal Services are free of charge when booked at Al-Hasaniya. Any further appointments booked with the firms may incur a charge and are not the responsibility of Al-Hasaniya or its staff.