Young Women

Al-Hasaniya’s Young Women’s Project was funded by John Lyon’s Charity for three years, ending in 2017. It aimed to support and empower young women on a one-to-one session basis, offering advocacy and support.

The project aimed to be a direct link between service providers and these young women, ensuring full accessibility to all services and support. The project was unique in its remit, as it sought to empower and engage young women from the Arabic-speaking community to be much better informed about the wrongs of abuse in all its forms.

Who is this service for?

  • Women from Arabic backgrounds
  • aged between 16-25 years old
  • residents of any London Borough

The project carried out workshops in academies and colleges, encouraging young women to explore and express their views and feelings on a range of issues and topics including abuse, identity and culture. The aim of these workshops were also to promote better understanding and integration of these topics with young women.