Reporting Hate Crime

What are hate crimes?

Hate incidents and hate crimes are acts where the offender has chosen a victim specifically because of the type of person they think they are, or perceive them to be.

Hate crime includes physical and verbal attacks, vandalism and graffiti, cyber bullying, abusive text messaging and hate mail, offensive signs or gestures, threatening behavior. These incidents can be committed against a person or property.

Hate crime is against the law. You do not have to tolerate hate crime and reporting any incident, no matter how minor can make a difference.

Why report a hate crime?

Al Hasaniya is part of the Kensington and Chelsea Safer Partnership and we are a third party in reporting crimes from any boroughs. We have noticed an increase in the last few years in hate crimes and Islamophobia amongest the women who access our centre.

We believe that by reporting these incidents, you may be able to prevent them from happening again. You will also help the police understand the extent of hate crime in your local area so they can better respond to it.

We are aware that due to language and cultural barriers, many women do not want to approach the police and report these crimes, which is why we want to offer support to anyone who has experienced hate crimes.

We can support you by listening to your experience or to approach the police and report it anonymously.

How to report a hate crime

You can contact Zohra Davis on 0208 969 2292 or

In an emergency

Call the police on 999

If you are deaf, hard of hearing or have a speech impairment, a text phone is available:

In an emergency, text 18000
Non – emergency, text 18001 101