Al-Hasaniya’s Young Women’s Project is funded by John Lyon’s Charity and aims to support and empower young women on a one-to-one session basis, offering advocacy and support. The project aims to be a direct link between service providers and these young women, ensuring full accessibility to all services and support. More >>


Women with enduring mental health problems often find their difficulties impact on all aspects of their daily lives. Our centre provides both practical and emotional support for these women and their families. A programme of advocacy, referral, group therapy and parenting classes helps the women with practical issues and refers those in need to specialised mental health services. More  >>


Domestic violence is unfortunately highly prevalent in the Arabic-speaking community and is often considered to be an acceptable phenomenon. Domestic violence is deeply destructive, damaging self-esteem and destroying families. Our centre provides one-to-one support for women suffering any kind of physical or emotional abuse and helps these women to access the legal, welfare and therapeutic services which can help them. More  >>


Elderly Arabic-speaking women and men are faced with many challenges as they try to manage their daily lives and take care of their own needs. Language barriers and cultural differences can lead to debilitating isolation and make it much more difficult to access health services and welfare benefits. Our centre provides advice, advocacy, signposting and referral to other services, alongside more general support for those who are particularly vulnerable. More  >>


A weekly drop-in session is available to Arabic-speaking women who live in the boroughs of Kensington and Chelsea. A legal drop-in surgery will be available soon. More  >>