What Users say about Al Hasaniya

During our years as a service, we have been honored to have been visited by Politicians, Ambassadors, Councillors, MPs and many more who have been generous in their recognition of our hard work in the community. Many of these figures have said positive things about Al Hasaniya but what is important for us is the feedback we receive from our service users, some of which is below:

Older People’s Project

“If it wasn’t for Al-Hasaniya, I would have never been issued my benefits” – ZG
“Without Al-Hasaniya, I would have been lost” – MC
“The Cous Cous Club is my favorite activity” FS
“Thank you for taking the time to listen” – ME

Mental Health Project

“Al-Hasaniya has changed my life, they are like my family” – SW
“Thank you for your support, I am now working and helping my family” – SB

“I started attending Al Hasaniya in January 2017. I feel the exercise classes are amazing and I take full advantage of all the sessions that are provided. It is now coming up to a year since starting and I have lost a total of 14kg and still counting.

Zohra who organises and liases with us is always on the ball and makes sure that everything is up to her standards. She makes sure we are comfortable, safe and in a happy enviroment.

In addition to the exercise classes Zohra also arranges sewing, beauty and any other course that maybe of interest. Our input and requests are listened to and taken into consideration before a new course or exercise class is booked in.

During my time at Al Hasaniya, I have made new friends and great connections. It has definitely encouraged me to get out of the house more and given me a more active life. It has made me think about my future, personal interests and progressing into going back to work” – LB

Angelou- Domestic Abuse Project

“Let me tell you how I felt when I came to visit you for the first time. You were my last chance because I knocked on so many doors that were slammed in my face. I was pregnant, alone in this country, abused, not able to speak the language and I lost my confidence. Then I knocked on your door and you started supporting and helping me with applying to different charities and your support was not only to help me find financial resources, but was also emotional. You gave me the confidence to talk to people. You are always positive. I hope you keep doing what you’re doing because it’s much more than help and support” – YM

“I felt welcomed when I first walked in to Al Hasaniya and found everything I needed there. What I liked the most is that you offer so many different support services, including legal ones which helped me to know my rights” -AS

“I was referred to another support service for my experience of domestic abuse but when I found out about Al Hasaniya and that you speak Arabic, I asked to be referred to you. I feel so comfortable speaking to you and being supported by you. I feel your work and support is excellent and you always ask after me and how I am. You’ve helped me to achieve so much and I’m now in a better and safer position where I am living without abuse, studying and being more independent.” IA